Jack & Karen

Rina is truly the best dog and we couldn’t be more pleased in his behavior or appearance. He is extremely playful, loves other dogs and babies and children. He loves riding in the car and meeting new people and dogs, and still lets us pick him up like a baby.

Jane Austin

We want to thank you Carlson for the care and love you gave us. She reflects your dedication. She is very alert, very attentive, looks straight at your eyes making an intimate connection. She has no fear, yet she is very respectful and affectionate. thank you for that dedication.

Jason Stobbard

My Family and I thank you Mr. Carlson for breeding such wonderful addition to our family! We have had our baby Blizz for a week now and I can’t tell you enough how much we love him! He learned to sit on command by the 2nd day, and is so eager to learn and please. Our Vet could not believe how mellow he is for such a young puppy

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