1. Your prices seem really low, these puppies are half the price of my local pet shop. Why is that?
Remember that you are buying these puppies directly from the breeder. Usually it is their family pet that has had the puppies. Pet shops need to make money, so they mark the puppies up, if they would not, thy would go out of business. Also remember that by going directly to the breeder, the puppy is not exposed to other dogs or is stressed from being moved around, which means he/she will be healthier, and happier.

2. Where did you get all these dogs? Is this a giant kennel?
Carlsonhusky.com is aare breeders and we do raise puppies. You should only reach us regarding moredetails about puppies)

3. Can I take the puppy home with me right away?
Yes, you can, as long as the puppy old enough, and we accepts your form of payment.
We make sure you receive your pet by delivering using the best reliable pet delivery agencies and make sure the puppy will be warm for the trip home. It is a good idea to ask for a rag or toy with the mother’s scent on, as this will help keep your puppy from feeling home sick.

4. I can’t find the puppy information.
Click on the picture of the puppy you are interested in, and it will open up a detailed listing .

5. Can I come out and look at the puppy before I buy?
Sure – visitors are welcome. Due to the onging pandemic and social distancing we only register all puppies for delivery. so Just call the number on the listing.

6. Where are you located?
We are breeders and have many other locaitons where we have pets available, Contact us so that we can deliver your puppy from the closest location where puppies are located.

7. I would like my puppy delivered – who can I call?
Call us let us arrange delivery for you.

8. I still have questions, how can I know it is ok to buy a puppy from your site!?
Do Contact us and ask us questions. We get lots of testimonials from happy people who have found puppies on our site.

Contact: Tel: +1 (539) 2096010 and Email: carlsonhusky@gmail.com